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Android apps are usually very impotant part of Android smartphones. Many of important works can easily done by apps.

There are the ton of amazing Android apps available on the google play store but it,s hard to know which is the best.

Some Android apps are very useful for our daily life so here we tell you the list of the Best Android apps.

These Android apps many of your work will do easily and very faster so without wasting the time let’s go for a list of Best Android apps in current time.

Also i will give you link for download it


Sometimes it happens that a lot of notifications come together and we quickly clear all and after that, when we had to see a notification, it did not get in but now it will not happen i have a solution of this problem.

This app will record all your notifications and you can see when you want to see it.

In the settings of this app you can set your date and time to see how long you want to watch notifications.

Personly the app that I found very useful for me I hope you will love it and install on your android phone.

Google Play Store


This is a very important app for those who want to improve their English. Yes guys I personly use this app to learn new words of English for blogging life.

When you install this and open then you can see three option in this app Basic, Intermediate and Advance. You can select your option according to your level of vocabulary.

Really if you want to improve your English then this is a very useful app and you can install from given below link

Google Play Store

SHORTY (4.5*)

If you want to make an icon on your home screen of any website link then this is very useful for your work.

If you want to set up this then go for a website and click on the share button and tap on Shorty then you can see many options to customize the icon.

You can change icon design and also add text on the icon and you can see many of other options in customization

You can make icon of mostly visited website. This is a time saving app.

Google Play Store

TICK TICK (4.6*)

This is a very useful app for those people who want to do a lot of work in 1 day and wants to remember all the work.

In this app, you can make to do list and set the alarm for the time of work. You can make also the shopping list and lots of work for the market

This app is available on every platform like iTunes store, MAC store and more.

Google Play Store


As you may have noticed, clicking on the home button launches Google Assistant but if you want something else to be launched at its place, then this is possible through this amazing app.

After installing this app you can see many settings, you can launch anything else like Quick setting, notification panel, camera, flashlight, etc.

Personly i have enabled Flashlight on this feature now when i clicking on the home button then flashlight enables.

This app enhances functionality in our phone.

Google Play Store


This is one more app for customization.

If you don’t like your notch area and you want to hide the notch then this app is very important for you.

you can make colorful notch through this app and you can see many effects in this app. You can also put your photo in the notch area.

If you want to hide your notch then hide with style. Personly I found this app very cool.

Google Play Store


This is very useful and helpful app Developed by Google.

If you have any questions about your near place like where is the restaurant?, park for walking? and anything else then this is a very useful app.

In this app, you can put your question and the surrounding people will answer it.

So you should install this app and put your any question, and you also can answer the questions put by others near by you .

So this is very helpful app I love it.

Google Play Store


If your email is too much work then it is very useful for you because it is a very fast email app.

I personly use this app really it works very fast and smooth. You can check the review of this you will love it.

If you want to unread the messages without reading the mail then you can do only with a swipe.

Google Play Store

DATALLY (4.3*)

This is a very useful app developed by google.

Specially if you use too much data and want to save your data then you should install this app.

You can controll your data by use data saver option and you can also check your data usage in a graph.

You can make a limit of data, you will receive a message when the limit is reached.

The best feature of this app is Guest Mode. If you give your phone to anyone and you wan to save the data then you can set the limit per hour and also you can set a limit on wifi hotspot.

Google Play Store


This is very helpful app for those who like to take screenshots.

Generally when we want to take a screenshot then we have to take the whole screen and after that, we crop the particular area but now you take a screenshot of a particular area by using SELECTION app

You can take a screenshot of a selected part by using this app.

It is a time saving app, I found this app very useful.

Google Play Store

INBOXiT (4.7*)

It is very useful app for people who are studying a lot on the internet.

If you are reading something on mobile and the same thing you want to read on your desktop or laptop then this creates a link to send into your mailbox.

Normally you can copy link and send by mail, but by using this app you can save your time and process because this app let you do everything.

Click on the share of the link you want to send and you can see an option of inboxit, click on the inboxit and send the mail.

I love this app.

Google Play Store


The phone getting so big and display getting so tall so accessing quick setting can be difficult especially if you have a smaller hand.

If you install this app then you can see quick shortcuts on the bottom of the display.

You can add shortcuts of everything like wifi, Bluetooth, the screen rotates and brightness control also.

The best thing about this app is you can customize everything like color and design of shortcuts and also you can change position, width, and the hight of the panel.

This app enhances functionality in our phone. You will love it.

Google Play Store

MOASURE (4.4*)

This app gives you ultimate measuring. you can measure the angles, distances, hights and more.

This app uses special technology along with the phone’s sensor and gives you the most reliable and accurate results possible.

The app is easy to use you can check the video tutorial on youtube.

Personly I found this app very useful and you will also love it.

Google Play Store


If you are a history lover then you should must try this app.

This app is representing history very well. You will get all the information like how to birth of the sun, the earth is born and big bang history.

Personally, I sometimes think of reading history so if you want to read history then download it.

Google Play Store

SeeCiTV (4.5*)

Easy to setup of seecitv
logo of sign in with google
easy to setup of SeeCiTV

If you have your old phone and you want to use them as a CCTV then this is must try app.

Take your old phone and install SeeCiTV app and log in with your google account.

Now take your new phone and install once again SeeCiTV app and give some information and now you can see cctv footage on your phone.

As you know the camera of smartphones is working very well so you can see very clear footage from this app.

Google Play Store

So this a list of Best Android Apps which can very important for our daily ruotine. If you have more apps like this then please comment below I will update the list.

If you have like the list then share with your friends and keep loving and coming.

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